About Arm Chaps®

Arm Chaps are sold in pairs.  Each pair comes with a "Unique" Left & Right Arm Chap.

After understanding all the Benefits of Arm Chaps (listed below), you'll then understand how those Benefits can be super useful in all kinds of activities/situations (Uses listed below).  Regardless of why you need arm & hand protection, you won't find a better product anywhere for fit, comfort, versatility for so many activities, usable year-round, having adjustable air-flow, and great breath-ability due to natural leather.  It will improve your day in nearly any activity, increase your stamina since it makes work easier without pain or injury, and you'll be safer all around.

Far too many products out there are uncomfortable, clumsy to wear, ineffective, itchy to wear, hot & sweaty to wear, not easy to put on or take off, hamper your movement doing various tasks, and you'll "never forget" that you're wearing them.   Their made from synthetic, man-made materials that promote all these problems.  Many people skip wearing these protective products, meaning they'd rather get injured than wear these synthetic materials.    Arm Chaps has changed all that, but you wont realize all this until you try a pair.....which is why we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.   Simply return them if you don't like them.   No reason needed, no hassle, no Return Authorization needed.

Now this is important::::   For those that have very Thin Skin or Bruise Easily on the arms & hands, you are going to be amazed at this product.   Many customers have struggled for years with bruising that never goes away... OR... they have skin so thin that when removing a bandage, their skin tears off with the bandage.   We get feedback from these people, telling us that they cant believe that their bruising is gone after a very short time.... and no re-bruising is occurring.  Thin Skin is now protected and preventing all the cuts or torn skin (skin so thin, its like tissue paper!).   Prevent these injuries also prevents the potential infections that can occur too.    We listed a few (of the hundreds) of Testimonials we get related to Bruising or Thin Skin issues (see Testimonials tab). 

Even people with Actinic Purpura, Solar Purpura, or Batemans Purpura.... will find that Arm Chaps will help prevent you from getting the bruises in the first place.  If you already have bruises, you will find that Arm Chaps protect those bruises so they heal quicker.   Arm Chaps really are the "perfect" protective sleeve for Thin Skin, and the "perfect" protective sleeve for Easy Bruising.    Again, if they don't work for you, then return them..... it's that simple!!

For those on Dialysis, the Arm Chaps work very well at protecting the Fistula on your arm.

Top 20 Arm Chap Benefits (more Benefits listed further down):  

  1. Excellent hand, wrist, and forearm protection while still allowing total finger dexterity.

  2. If finger protection is needed, gloves can easily be worn over the Arm Chaps.

  3. Allows you to easily bend your arm without getting material in the inside elbow crease.

  4. Ideal protection against Cuts, Scratches, and Abrasions from all types of sharp edges and rough surfaces.

  5. Ideal protection against Easy Bruising caused by age, medications, or health issues.

  6. Ideal protection for Thin Skin giving you a tough 2nd skin that takes the abuse your skin cant.

  7. Bleeding injuries are "easy" paths for infections.  Preventing the injury, removes the path, which reduces risk of infection.
  8. Helps prevent Puncture Wounds from sharp objects like broken glass, nails, thorny plants, etc... 

  9. Zipper allows "adjustable" airflow.  They're actually cooler to wear than long sleeves.

  10. Help prevent bites & clawing from all kinds of critters, or handling of animals, birds, snakes, etc...  

  11. Increase overall Safety of the wearer in many situations/activities. 

  12. Sticky thorns like cockleburr will never stick to the Arm Chaps....super helpful in the woods, gardens, and plant nurseries.

  13. Allows nearly any size of sleeve to be worn inside, keeping the sleeves away from moving parts or machinery (much Safer!).

  14. Arm Chaps are NOT lined, which allow the skin to breathe so that the skin will never feel itchy.

  15. Very quick & easy to "Put On" or "Take Off".

  16. Arm Chaps stay in place and don't slide around your arm like other flimsy materials, and will never slide down your arm.

  17. Can be worn indoors/outdoors all year round.

  18. Because there are so many benefits, means they can be used in 100's of situations/activities.  Some products only have a few benefits and can only be used in a couple situations.  This increases the Value of Arm Chaps because they will get used often!!

  19. Cost/Benefit- reducing injuries also prevents the cost associated with hospital visits, possible medications, down-time away from work.   For Companies, it reduces staff injuries, medical costs, workmans comp, company liabilities, employee downtime and missing related project deadlines.  Arm Chaps would pay for themselves if only one injury occurred..... but the reality is that injuries occur time-and-time again for many years to come.  Meaning, Arm Chaps pay for themselves main times over!

  20. Many more benefits are mentioned throughout this website (continued list further down this page).    It really becomes "Common Sense" once your understand the Benefits and all the Uses!!!!


Top 20 Arm Chap Uses (more Uses listed further down):   

  1. People who "Bruise Easily" (e.g., Aspirin users, Corticosteroid users, Blood Thinning medication users).

  2. People with very "Thin Skin" that easily tears & bleeds…. and helping to prevent infections.

  3. Any patient needing to protect special devices in their skin, such as an AV forearm fistula, Picc Lines, and IV catheters.

  4. Farmers & Ranchers of all types- whether working on machinery, wood & metal fabrication projects, fencing, bailing, etc…

  5. Typical home owner doing yard work, clearing brush, cutting wood, carrying wood, gardening, mechanic work, etc…

  6. Tree Services / Lumberjacks / Loggers / Sawmills.

  7. Companies doing Brush Clearing, processing firewood, thinning wooded plots.

  8. Clean-up crews & volunteers that help with clean-up (glass, wood, metal) after major storm damage!! (Disaster Relief).

  9. Landscapers & Hedge/Shrub trimmers & Pruning Activities & Grounds Keepers. 

  10. Gardeners/Greenhouse workers working with Roses, Blackberry Bushes, Cacti, and many other thorny plants.

  11. Fruit pickers (e.g., Apples / Oranges / Lemons / Olives / Berries, etc… dealing with thorny trees & bushes).

  12. Pet owners who love to play with their pets, but have to be extra cautious due to skin issues on hands/arms.

  13. Veterinarians, Animal Control, Animal Rescue, Pet Groomers that deal with animals with claws, talons, or biting animals.

  14. Rabbit farms, Mink farms, plus many specialty animal farms, along with Poultry & other bird handlers.

  15. Mechanics of all types (e.g., Auto, Bus, Semi, Boat, Aircraft, Motorcycle, and Military vehichles, etc...).

  16. Grinder & Metal workshop workers. This could include Welders & Iron Workers & Blacksmiths.

  17. Muffler & Exhaust shops dealing with confined areas with hot & sharp exhaust systems, and using cutting torches.

  18. Quick Oil Change facilities dealing with confined areas with hot & sharp metal, and hot oil.

  19. Pipefitters and Boiler Operators working around hot pipes for heating systems.

  20. Hot plastics mold injection operators.


  Arm Chap benefits continued from above....... 

  1. Prevents ruining the coat/shirt sleeves, saving you money so you don't have to replace that coat/shirt.

  2. Provides moderate wrist support that's noticeable after a day of work, especially with heavy hand-held tools.

  3. Helps prevent burns around hot metal objects (engines & exhausts), open flames, welding, hot ovens, etc....

  4. Protects skin from Poison Ivy, Poison Oak and other plants that cause rashes.

  5. Protects people on Dialysis with their skin issues, and protects the Fistula on the forearm for those patients.

  6. The Facing piece directly under the zipper prevents skin from ever getting pinched by the zipper.

  7. Can be worn in various ways to control the airflow going up shirt, jacket, or coat sleeves in cold or windy situations.

  8. Help people maintain body temperature for those with poor circulation or easily get the chills.

  9. May help reduce the severity of an injury caused be a fall or other mishap.

  10. Turns nearly any dangerous or annoying job into a safer and more enjoyable task.... such as clearing brush.

  11. Preventing injuries also means preventing the chances of getting infections.

  12. It's not simply a tube of leather around your arm..... Arm Chaps contour to the hand, wrist, and forearm keeping them out of the way.

  13. Provides additional cushion and grip of the palm area while working with tools or carrying heavy objects.

  14. Completely eliminates the open gap between gloves and coat sleeves in cold environments.

  15. Various colors are available for both Hot & Cold temperatures and for safety reasons such as the Safety Orange to help stay seen by others.

  16. Anti-Vibration helps with running high vibration tools such as air-tools, jack hammers, etc...

  17. Can easily be cleaned using typical leather cleaning instructions.

  18. Can give a "Sense of Security" in situations where there's concern of getting hurt....helping you with stress and confidence.  You'll see... especially after not getting any kind of injury in situations where you often get injured.   Many people need to experience this before they believe it.


  Arm Chap Uses continued from above.......  

  1. Outdoor Adventurists Fishing, Caving, Rock Climbing, Exploring, Nature Walks, Tree Climbing, Zip Lines, etc...

  2. Bow & Gun enthusiasts while hunting in the woods and thick brush, climbing trees, crawling on the ground, etc...

  3. Building restoration or demolition companies dealing with splintered wood, broken glass, and sharp metal edges.

  4. Stone Cutters & Stone Masons dealing with bits of stone flying out of their cutting tools or carrying lighter sharp edged stones.

  5. Sheet metal & Heating/Cooling Duct work installers, or anyone handling sharp-edged sheet metal.  Even the manufacturers!!

  6. Heating & Air Conditioner (HVAC) installers due to reaching inside areas with very sharp edges.

  7. Glass/Window workers & Window Installers & Sandblasting workers.

  8. Glass blowing workers or people working near hot furnaces or hot ovens for various crafts.

  9. Restaurant workers dealing with hot ovens or large outdoor BBQ grills/ovens.

  10. Carpenters, brick layers, electricians, plumbers, painters, Stucco installers/removers, etc...

  11. Heavy equipment operators and road construction workers for injuries and wrist support operating equipment.

  12. Manufacturing assembly line workers & High temp parts washing and fabricating machine workers.

  13. Cold Storage workers & Meat Processing operations (cold room environments).

  14. Truck Stops/Truckers for driving or for maintaining their loads, and Tow Truck operators.

  15. Installers of Barbed wire (on farms), Razor wire (secure facilities), or any sharp-edged fencing.

  16. Prevents muffler burn from weed eaters on the arms that occur when doing finish work on lawns.

  17. Package handlers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, US Postal Service.

  18. Moving Companies workers moving furniture & appliances.

  19. Handling boxes for inventory in warehouses or retail locations.

  20. Farriers (specialists in horse hoof shoeing/grooming working with sharp tools).

  21. Installers of Barbed wire (on farms), Razor wire (secure facilities), or any sharp-edged fencing.

  22. Small aircraft pilots & Bush pilots & Hot air balloonists all flying in colder climates for hand/wrist/arm warmth, but need open fingers.

  23. Motorcycle, go-cart, dirt bike, and ATV riders for hand/wrist/arm protection from branches on trails and possible wipeouts.

  24. Sports: snowboarders, in-line skaters, skateboarders, or downhill/cross country skiers for warmth & wrist support.

  25. Weightlifters & people who work out--- for wrist support & and to keep good warmth during workout.

  26. Burn Unit victims.  Helps protect hand & arm bandaged areas from additional injuries, and extra cushion for those areas.
  27. People who use crutches, forearm crutches, walkers for wrist support and constant rubbing of crutches against the arms.

  28. People with weak wrists (e.g., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or previously broken wrist).  Still allows wrist movement to work wrist muscles.

  29. People with poor circulation or arthritis to help stay warm.  Warm areas tend to ache less, and less likely to get injured.

  30. People very sensitive to sunlight due to over exposure. Their arms have to stay out of the sunlight.

  31. People with “special needs” (e.g., biting themselves or others).  Keeps them and their caregivers better protected.

  32. People in Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation environments.  Helps with wrist support, protection, and gives them a "sense of security". 

  33. People in wheelchairs who would appreciate the extra comfort & cushion for their forearms.  Prevents abrasions or pinched skin.

  34. People suffering from Raynaud’s Disease, where the fingers can feel numb & cold.  Helps with warmth and away from cold surfaces.

  35. Rare cases that people don’t have feeling in their arms and can’t detect pain from burns or cuts.     

 There are many other uses..... In fact, you may do something not listed that requires good arm, wrist, and hand protection.   Let us know!!