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Tree Service people, Brush Removal people, Lumberjacks & Lumberjills, and even the weekend wood cutter are well aware of the common cuts, scratches, sore wrists, and rashes from poisonous plants that occur when working around trees and brush, not to mention the additional injuries that can occur when bumping your arms/wrists into an IDLE saw or IDLE chainsaw chain. This makes Arm Chaps the best arm protectors/protection for clearing brush, cutting wood, logging, carrying wood, and clearing buck thorn. Arm Chaps are also excellent protective sleeves while cleaning up storm damage for things like broken glass, splintered wood, rusty metal, and many other types of debris that will likely cut people during theses major efforts.  This makes Arm Chaps ideal Personal Safety Equipment.  Please take a moment to look at the latest product for arm protection and wrist support. This product will significantly cut down on all these problems that you hate dealing with on a daily basis.

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NOTE:: Arm Chaps come in a variety of colors including Black, Tan, Light Brown, and Safety Orange. Please call us if a different color is needed.

Arm Chaps hand/wrist/forearm protectors provide you with the following benefits you'll come to appreciate:::

  • Wrist support- Arm Chaps work great while operating saws in awkward situations, carrying heavy wood/brush loads, running a chainsaw or ax much of the day, or any other wrist straining activity while on the job. People with general wrist issues such as Carpal Tunnel will also find Arm Chaps to be beneficial in helping with those aches and pains. Most of you are already wearing leather gloves, however they provide no wrist support or protection to your forearms..not a problem! Arm Chaps can easily fit under your gloves giving you all these new benefits.  Arm Chaps forearm protectors / arm guards also prevent injuries similar to the old leather wrist cuffs or leather wrist bands, except Arm Chaps are far more advanced and definitely more comfortable and versatile. 
  • Anti-vibration for your hands,wrists, and arms- many of you running hand-held machines such as chainsaws can get a numbness in the hands and arms from running this equipment for extended periods of time.  Arm Chaps is a good anti-vibration tool to help.
  • Cushion for your hands- to help prevent skin irritations and chafing that can occur when grasping branches all day or operating saws. You'll find that you actually have a better grip with Arm Chaps too.
  • Extra "adjustable" warmth- at anytime! It does this by warming the arteries in your arms. Arm Chaps are not lined, so they breathe well enough that you wont get too hot during the summer months. Arm Chaps can also be worn unzipped for additional cooling and breathe-ability.
  • Total finger movement- to do all the tasks you do all day without having to take Arm Chaps off. You'll be surprised at all the things you can do without having to take them off, unlike regular gloves that would need to be removed.
  • Help prevent injuries- like wrist strain, cuts and scrapes from branches and bark, puncture wounds, the occasional contact with IDLE saws or IDLE chainsaw chains, and the everyday cuts that seem to occur out of nowhere. Take a second to look at your forearms and hands.. do you see any recent cuts or scars? Arm Chaps are the latest in arm protection, and their main purpose in the Tree Service industry is to help prevent these annoying cuts, scrapes, and injuries! Scars are for life, so why not try to prevent them? Arm Chaps also work great to protect existing injuries you may already have too! In addition, they make great elbow length gardening gloves and landscaping gloves for total forearm protection.  Arm Chaps truly are a great addition to your existing chainsaw safety equipment.
    NOTE: Arm Chaps are not designed to protect the arms/wrists from High Speed chainsaw chain cuts.
  • Protect skin- besides cuts and scratches, Arm Chaps are excellent for protecting the skin from poisonous plants such as poison oak or poison ivy that cause irritating rashes or annoying itching.
  • Protection from Snake Bites- Arm Chaps are proving to be very effective in helping prevent this problem world-wide.  Arm Chaps are not 100% guaranteed to prevent all snake bites.
  • Protect those Tattoos- from all the cuts and scrapes, especially when some of you have spent hundreds of dollars on those tattoos.
  • Protect your clothing- if wearing long sleeve shirts/coats, you can easily tuck them inside the Arm Chaps so they wont get destroyed by the typical abuse working around tree brush. Im sure most of you have destroyed a shirt or two in this line of work? This is safer too since the sleeve will be less likely to get caught in moving parts!!
  • Comfort- with all the benefits already mentioned, you'll be very surprised that Arm Chaps are super comfortable too! The ideal fit is a comfortably snug fit at first. Then, after several hours, the leather will stretch where it feels tight. You can also pre-stretch the leather by hand for those that need a more relaxed fit upon initial wearing.


Arm Chaps "In Action" video.  (Check it out!!)


This wrist cut, from a chainsaw chain, could have been avoided or been less serious if Arm Chaps had been worn!!! The stitches and medical bill were likely 5 times more expensive than a single pair of of Arm Chaps.. And thats just for this single injury. This injury could of taken him right out of this line of work!!


arm-chaps-wood-chipper.jpg  arm-chaps-brush-removal-black.jpg  arm-chaps-protection-chain-saw-brush.jpg  arm-chaps-brush-clearing-safety-orange.jpg

The 4 pictures above show the Arm Chaps worn under regular leather gloves. Please notice the following:

  1. Arm Chaps are very comfortable, and leather gloves easily fit over the Arm Chaps.
  2. Notice the additional area on the forearm now protected by the Arm Chaps.
  3. Tree branches scraping against the Arm Chaps are no longer felt by the skin.
  4. The additional wrist support while loading branches or running the chainsaw.
  5. Arm protection from poison ivy, poison oak, and other itchy/prickly plants.
  6. You're protected better from the thorny wood material, brush, and the occasional contact with IDLE saws and IDLE chainsaw chains. 
     Again, Arm Chaps are not designed to protect the arms/wrists from High Speed chainsaw chain cuts.
  7. This single pair of Arm Chaps has been worn 3 years now and is still going strong! How many pairs of leather gloves do you go through in 1 year? 8 to 10 pair?
  8. Expensive tattoos commonly found on the forearms are now protected!!
  9. Remember the wrist cut picture above?. Arm Chaps could have prevented the seriousness of that cut. Any worse and that guy could have been living the rest of his life with a disability. or taken out of this line of work!!
  10. Believe it!! Once you've worn Arm Chaps, you'll want them on the job everyday, and you'll miss them if you forget them!!

Business Owners:: I hope you consider this for your crews, especially in a time when you dont want to lose a good crew member to an injury, or worse yet, dealing with lawsuits arising from an injury that could have been prevented if Arm Chaps were worn. Consider Arm Chaps as a welcome addition to your crews Personal Protection Equipment.

To Order::   click on a picture below for the color you like;  Or click on "Choose Options" that's found under the color you like.   Arm Chaps are sold in pairs. 

If you want the version of Arm Chaps that cover the elbow, click on the "Extended Elbow Protection" link OR the "Welding Arm Chaps" link that are both listed under the Shop By Category, which is found in upper left area of this page.

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