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Here is a small selection of people who wrote us after using Arm Chaps.  Please take a look at what they said about this product! We welcome all testimonials.  These people all found out that Arm Chaps are the Best, Most Comfortable, and Most Versatile forearm protection available!!

Testimonials are broken up into sections by how the Arm Chaps were used. Find the proper section for the testimonials that would most interest you.


People who Bruise Easily or have Thin Skin Testimonials

- Ray loves, loves, LOVES the Arm Chaps!    I bought the Arm Chaps for my purple-armed husband for Father's Day and he absolutely loves them. Ray uses a lawn tractor to mow 7+ acres and isn't at all careful about using his arms to knock tree limbs out of his way.  He says Arm Chaps are so comfortable, he forgets he is wearing them.  I think they are great looking and aptly named. Best of all, I believe his purple arms (already faded to light lavendrer) will soon be a thing of the past.  
~Marsha (Lawrence, Kansas)

- My Arm Chaps were the perfect solution for protecting my Fistula.   Simple work around the house often caused bleeding, which is very dangerous around my fistula on the forearm (near major arteries).    I will definitely tell others about this great product, including my doctor.  You need to seriously talk with companies that provide dialysis.  They need to be aware of this!!  Please send me extra brochures so I can give them to others.  
~Bill (Daleville, Indiana)

- Its been a couple of weeks now since receiving my Arm Chaps and my arms are healing-up nicely.  The Arm Chaps have prevented any further tearing, bleeding, or bruising of the skin on my arms while working on farm equipment, doing vehicle restorations, clearing brush and caring for livestock.   A fantastic product!!   Keep up the good work!!.  
~Dan B (Michigan)

- Got a pair of Arm Chaps for Father's Day.  In a word.... Awesome!   I and my forearms thank your for a stellar product.  
~Philip (San Diego, Calif)

-  I have had my pair for 2 years and they are great!    I'm ordering another for my wife now..... we are elderly and have thin skin.
~Robert (Boise, Idaho)


- Unbelievable Product!!!!   Though I have thin skin, I still had to clear some of the worse brush imaginable for a new driveway.  It was in an area to tough to get at with a bull dozer.  After this very long job, I could not believe it, but I didn't get a single scratch on my arms.  What a great product!!.
~Joe (Corpus Christi, Texas)

 - This is my second pair, ordered some a few years ago and they do great for my thin skin, ageing skin and gardening.  Recommended them to my sister who also bought them. Makes it nice that I don't have to walk around with huge brusies on my arms!  Thanks!!
~Mary (Carmichael, Calif)

  - The product is working out better than I expected. The only time I got a bruise since I bought them, was when I wasn't wearing them. Thanks a bunch!!.
~Earl (construction owner)

- I bought a pair of the Arm chaps after I found them on the internet. My daughter who is a physician in Oceanside, Ca said I should find something to cover my arms. I had a heart operation about three years ago and since then I have been taking Plavix and Aspirin. These medications thin the blood. Because of the thinning blood, I easily get bruises on the back of my hands and forearms. I had gotten fingerless gloves but I did not know what to do for my arms until I saw your Arm Chaps. I told my daughter about them and she ordered me a pair. They work great! They were so good and looked nice that she started to give your web address to her patients that needed them. The patients were happy to be able to get something that would prevent bruising. She has had a lot of calls from patients about them, so she gives them your address. Then she gave the address to her Medical Assistant and told her to give out the address if anyone called regarding the Arm Chaps. She would appreciate it if you could send her some literature that she could hand out and put in her waiting room. My background is in Hospital Administrator for small Hospitals and Administrator for medical Clinics.
~Don (hospital administrator and Plavix user)

-I had a kidney transplant and was placed on medications that cause my hands, wrists, and lower arms to bruise and bleed very easily.  Even simple tasks at home or work make it look like I've been in a battle and lost.  I tried some cloth protectors, but they just do not help that much. My husband even paid a guy $100 to make a pair of protectors out of leather, but they ended up being too stiff, they were terrible!  They end up being a waste of money and now just sit in a draw somewhere.

I have been looking for more effective arm protectors for a long time, then finally a friend handed me your brochure. They looked like what I have been searching for. 

Later, after using Arm Chaps for awhile, she replied:  -Rick, your product is the first that I have used that works!!!  I love the zipper feature, and the material under the zipper to protect the skin from the zipper. Also the feature that you can read the words "Arm Chaps" in the zipper area, makes it so much easier to tell which Arm Chap goes on which arm-I loved that feature!  Whoever is making these, thought of everything.  I just can't brag enough!!

At any rate, Rick, thanks so much for the personal attention. Your product will help me tremendously. It's been a prayer answered!  I will definitely pass this information on to others in my condition.  Feel free to use anything that I have said as my testimony. If it can help anyone like it is helping me, then I am thrilled!.

~ Melissa (school teacher-  Texas)

-Hello Rick, I have a pair of your Arm Chaps given to me by a friend. My husband and I are bikers, so she thought it was a cool gift. Turns out they were more appropriate for me than she could have known. I have a skin condition on my arms that causes me to bruise terrifically bad with the slightest bump. The pair I have are XXS and they fit just perfect. The leather is so soft that it doesn't hurt my arms and it works out just perfect for me. Thanks so much!!

~ Connie (Milwaukee Wisconsin)

  --Is this still the contact to order Arm Chaps?  If so, I would like to order another pair. I suffer from extreme bruising on my forearms due to medications that I take including blood thinners and anti-rejection drugs.  Your product is the only one that reduces the bruising considerably. I was extremely happy with the previous pair purchased in Sept 2009.

                ~ Mike (Ontario Canada)



 --As an Independent Salesrep for Durable Medical Supplies, I also suffer from bruising due to medications.  When a neighbor first showed me the product, I decided that I had to try it out for myself. I found out that the Arm Chaps did everything the brochures said. After showing several of my dealerships, we all agreed the quality is excellent, especially the zippers. Nothing has been made this well in a long time.  I know the product is going to help a lot of people, so much so, I became a Salesrep for the company.

                ~ Bob (Action Medical- New Brighton MN)


Working with Trees, Logs, and Brush Testimonials

- Just a quick note on my Arm Chaps, 3 years in: I'd no sooner cut timber without Arm Chaps than I'd skip eye protection.  They're that good.   ~Doug M.


- I am the guy who called you a couple weeks ago and spoke about your product and website. From Washington state and a forestry worker. I received my pair of chaps and WOW! They are the greatest! I have worked several days with them on doing all sorts of forearm-thrashing type work and now I can hardly believe I didn't get them years ago!!! It is sort of shocking to realize just how incredibly helpful they are to my work. In just a few days of using them I cannot imagine being without them. I could list all the ways they make working more comfortable and enjoyable but you already know that already.

This letter is just a shorty to let you know I am blown away at the high quality of your product and believe me, in just a short time I have asked alot out of them. They are Wonderful!!! Great leather. They are just the right length and fit. I can pickup and roll scratchy sappy pine rounds over my arms with ease. My fingers are getting much more blood and no more fingers 'falling asleep'!!!

I just online-ordered another pair of Med. size Arm Chaps! Need second pair to keep in truck so I never find myself without them. In my last correspondence I let you know how great these Arm Chaps are so I won't go over that again. Suffice it to say they are still a daily part of my work attire and I cannot imagine working without them anymore.

There is such a huge list of things these Arm Chaps can make doing more comfortable that I have stopped writing them down! You probably have, too.
~Frank (Forestry Worker, Washington)


- After a very serious wrist cut from a chainsaw, I searched the internet for protective clothing and found your website and ordered a pair. After trying them, I found out they work very well. I'm a Ranger in the military and think you have a great product!
~Jerry (tree service guy)
And thank-you Jerry for donating some of the Tree Service photos for this site!!

- These Arm Chaps are a real no brainer!!! I won't leave for work without them anymore. I've worked a lot of years in the tree removal business dealing with prickly cedar trees and generally getting eaten up by branches as I load them into a chipper. After breaking the Arm Chaps in the first day, it was amazing how comfortable they are and how getting cut up from the branches is a thing of the past. Very Cool Product!!!
~Jason (tree removal business- Washington)

- I'm really surprised!!!  The Arm Chaps work very well.  I'm a tree climber and they are a godsend after years of my arms getting tore up.  Thanks!
~Tony (Arborist-  Minn)

- I've now been wearing the same pair of Arm Chaps now going on 4 years!!!  
~Steven (Clears Brush-  Maine)




Problem wrist related Testimonials

- I broke both my wrists when I was younger, and today it never fails, when it gets to be about 6:00 p.m. my wrists really get to aching and I need to put on a jacket to help warm my arms to stop the pain. Now; wearing my Arm Chaps I can go till almost midnight before I need to put on a jacket. Plus the Arm Chaps stay out of the way versus the bulky jacket sleeves and they give me extra overall wrist support I hadn't expected to get. I absolutely love these things!
~(Tradeshow Vendor who does 30+ shows a year)

 - These Arm Chaps are amazing!!   I had numbness in my left hand due to beginning stages of Carpal Tunnel.  This numbness made it hard to comfortably drive, rest my arm on arm rest or hard surfaces, or even to sleep through the night.    Waking up at night due to a numb hand is very annoying.   I found Arm Chaps on the internet search and thought I had nothing to lose by trying your product.  Well, I'm sure glad I did.  I now wear them driving and doing most things throughout the day, I even wear them sleeping. You have to let people know about this product!!  It really has made my life so much better.  Even though I dont get 100% relief all the time, it does relief the aches and pains at least 95% of the time which is unbelieveable GREAT!!!   Thank you so much.   I will soon be ordering additonal pair for work situations, and then some that need to stay clean for in the house and sleeping. 
~(Retired Farmer-  Ohio)


Mechanic Testimonials

- As a plane mechanic, I wanted to tell you how difficult it is working on plane engines because there is very little room within the engine compartment. I've gotten so mad at constantly getting burned from the engine or cut from sharp edges I've come very close to quitting my job several times. It seems like an everyday occurrence dealing with these engines. I was very skeptical about the fit of the Arm Chaps but within a few hours of use, I might just decide to keep my job. It's actually a joy working on this things again. You have a super product and I'll try to get the good word out!!
~(Airline pilot- Texas)

- Hey guys!! Thanks for saving my arms! I'm a bus mechanic in Chicago and tend to burn my arms on the exhaust pipes on a regular basis and I've got the scars to prove it. The wife feels bad for me and surprised me with a pair of your Arm Chaps. I took them to work the next day to find that everyone wanted to use them....Can you offer me a deal on bulk quantities!! Thank you too!
~(Bus Mechanic- Chicago)


Walker, Crutches, Cane related Testimonials

- I recently had foot surgery and required the use of a wheeled-walker to get around. Getting up out of a chair and pushing myself around really got to be a strain on my wrists. The Arm Chaps made a remarkable difference in reducing that amount of strain put on my wrists. You seriously need to get the word out to others about this product!.
~(Alice from Minnesota)

- As you can see from my overdeveloped forearms, I've used a cane for several years and up until I tried your Arm Chaps, my wrists still got sore and the palms of my hand chafed to the point of bleeding. My wrists also got very sore due to the weight I place on them every step I take. After trying your Arm Chaps, I could tell immediately that it relieved the strain on my wrist while walking. I think you have a wonderful product!. They make a world of difference in my life on a daily basis. Thank you so much!!!.
~(Dave- cane user in St Paul)

- Where were you 20 years ago? I suffered from polio as a child and today I still use what are called "forearm crutches" to get around since I can only stand on my legs, but not walk with them. Your Arm Chaps helped cushion the metal bracket that surrounds my forearm. They also helped ease the strain on my wrists, and provided the extra padding on my hands where I hold the crutch grips. Unless I'm able to walk without crutches someday, I know you have a life long customer and wearer of Arm Chaps. Thank you for making my life less painful. Again, where were you 20 years ago?
~(Polio victim- Indianapolis)


Cancer related Testimonials

- I have an unusual situation where I have to keep my forearms covered up from the sun due to a type of cancer. I'm so sick of always having to wear a long sleeve shirt every time I leave the house. At least with the Arm Chaps, I now have a choice to wear a short sleeve shirt or t-top! It may seem like a small deal to the average person, but it's a huge deal to me!
~(cancer victim in South Dakota)


Shooting Range related Testimonials

- I'm a cop that goes to the shooting range regularly for my job. On a whim, I decided to try your Arm Chaps and found them to really be beneficial by giving a better grip on the pistol handle, better wrist support allowing me to shoot longer before getting tired. They also prevented my arms from getting burned by the hot shell caseings ejected from my weapon.
~Shelly (police officer)


Motorcycle related Testimonials

- The Arm Chaps are everything you say they are. Without a doubt, you produce a quality product.  My studded pair are a perfect match to my other accessories, same size studs and everything. The quality of your work and materials are optimal.  Our Wing World Magazine members will be more than pleased, I'm sure.
~GiGi  (Account Exec of Wing World Magazine)

- We've walked this entire Sturgis Rally, these Arm Chaps are by far the coolest product we've seen.
~Aspen Marketing Group

- These things are so great! I bought the black fringed pair and am ecstatic. I'm going to recommend these to all the bikers I know (that's mostly my own family). Great Product!
~Liz (Utah Biker)

- Every year is the same old stuff at these rallies: t-shirts, chaps, vests, hats. Finally something new and different, and man do they ever add to the look!!
~(fellow biker)

- Dear AC, I absolutely love my Arm Chaps. I live in Southern California where temps get up to the 120s and the wind blows sand everywhere. In fact, we have windmill farms here so the wind blows everything, everywhere. I now ride my motorcycle only with my Arm Chaps. Thank you so very much for making this product; it adds safety, style, and cache to my local and distance riding. Sincerely!
~(Nesa  Southern "windy" California)

- Thank you so much for the Arm Chaps, I work in a "burn-out" pit at the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, and when the bikes are doing their burn-outs, I tend to get hot rubber hitting my arms while I stay in the cage with the bikes. The Arm Chaps prevent me from getting burned and really make my job much more enjoyable, not to mention safer and less painful!
~(Full Throttle Saloon Employee)

- I've worked with leather all my life. I've got to tell you that this is really nice leather!
~(old time leather craftsman)

- The WORD out on the street is that I need to have a pair of these Arm Chaps!!
~(fellow biker)

- I walked past these Arm Chaps and couldn't stop thinking about them. I had to come back and look again. Size me up!!
~(fellow biker)

- These must be those Infamous Arm Chaps I keep hearing about. You guys have an awesome product!.
~(fellow biker)

- At first I had no clue what these Arm Chaps were for. In fact, I couldn?t see any real use for them. Thanks for explaining all the various uses and opening my eyes, it totally makes sense now. Hard to believe such a simple accessory can provide so many benefits. Wish I would of thought of these!!
~(numerous people who see Arm Chaps for the first time)

- I bought my pair back in 2000, I still wear them today when I ride... I swear by them!!
~(St Paul MN biker)

- You guys were right! I originally bought a pair and walked away thinking they were to tight and not sized properly, however within the 2 to 4 hours, my Arm Chaps stretched where they were tight and perfectly form-fitted to my hand and arm. Way cool!.
~(fellow biker)

- For years I've worn something similar to your Arm Chaps for cold weather riding, they were called "cut-up old socks",  thank you so much for making something a whole lot more effective and to say the least, respectable! Plus your Arm Chaps don't slide down my arms which was really getting annoying!.
~(fellow biker)

- My friends and I don't ride but still love wearing them out and about with either our leather or denim outfits, especially when we're out bar hopping. More often then not, I'm leaving my lighter jacket at home instead of having to carry it around in case I get the chills. These things are so neat!.
~(Edina MN partiers)


General Comments from Our Customers

- Hi Rick, I got the Arm Chaps today!.appreciate the quick reply.
~ (Joe- from Hernshaw, West Virginia) 

- I receieved the Arm Chaps yesterday and used them today. Great quality, great product - exceeded my expectations which happens so seldom.... I needed to let you know that. Thanks
~ (Ron E- from Ocean Springs, Mississippi) 


- I'm very satisfied with my Arm Chaps. You did a very good job in the manufacturing of these. Thank You!!
~ (Fred- from Orlando, Florida) 


- As a Leather Crafter myself, I couldn't create a pair of Arm Chaps for less than what what you're selling them for.  Believe me, I tried!!  Then, after receiving a pair I ordered from you, I was even more amazed at the high quality of them, and the nice fit they had.....especially at this price.  They really felt like a "custom fit". 
~ (Donnie- from Louisiana) 


- Good morning Rick, First off... thanks for the EXCELLENT response!! is the best customer response I have ever received...the tone, the informative nature of explaining...truly excellent. Rick, I want you to know up front how much I appreciate that. Please...don't ever change your approach brother! I used to teach classes in customer service...and if I was still teaching, I'd use your note as the ultimate example of outstanding customer service! Once again...I can't thank you enough for your response Rick. I would and will recommend your business to any and all of my friends that may be interested in a set of Arm Chaps! My very best to you...
~ (Chase- from Massachusetts)

- Rick. I received the Arm Chaps today and WOW they are really nice. Love the quality of the leather and the craftsmanship is excellent, better than I had expected. Thanks for changing the size to Medium, I love the way they fit.....exactly how I wanted them. Even though its 40 degrees here tonight, I rode into work wearing them already. They work perfect and I will have them on all weekend on my run. Thanks for taking the extra time to make sure I had the right size. Well thank you again for such quality work and even being a better businessman.
~ (Doug- from New Jersey)