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If you work in any kind of Fabrication shop or Automotive Repair shop you're very familiar with all the different tools used to get the job done. Many of you can also look at your hands and arms and see the battle scars from working with these tools such as::

  1. skin burns from hot metal surfaces.
  2. getting cuts from working with sheet metal.
  3. recent painful cuts from sharp metal edges.
  4. the burns the come from working on hot engines or exhaust pipes.
  5. the molten metal hitting your skin while using cutting torches.
  6. the pits found on your skin from fragments flying from grinders.
  7. the hot metal hitting your arms from various welders.
  8. the achy wrist you might have from straining them on the job.

Please take a moment to look at the latest product for arm protection and wrist support. This product is designed to protect your arms, wrists, and hands while you're working. You're going to quickly find out that this new product Arm Chaps will significantly cut down on all these problems while still being very comfortable to wear on the job, making Arm Chaps the best Industrial Arm Protectors on the market. Arm Chaps make the ideal extra-long forearm sleeves for every kind of mechanic including aircraft, semi, and trains. The pictures below (left picture) shows the typical wounds found in shops, (middle picture) shows the top & bottom side of arms to see the area of skin that Arm Chaps cover, and (right picture) shows how regular gloves can easily fit over Arm Chaps if gloves are still needed.

arm-chaps-engine-work.jpg  arm-chaps-hot-exhaust-protection.jpg  arm-chaps-motorcycle-mechanic.jpg


Arm Chaps "In Action" video.   (Shows Arm Chaps toughness).   Can they be helpful for Mechanic & Fabrication work due to sharp edges or hot surfaces?   Heck Yeah!!


Arm Chaps® hand/wrist/forearm protectors provide you with the following benefits you'll come to appreciate:::

  • Help prevent injuries- Think back to the memorable injuries that happened to your arms, hands, or wrists. It's likely, every one of those injuries could have been prevented by Arm Chaps. The main purpose for Arm Chaps is to protect your skin. Hey, scars are for life, so why not try to prevent them? Arm Chaps also work great to protect existing injuries you may already have!!   Arm Chaps also fit the request many have about longer welding gloves covering the forearm since they work with welders, cutting torches, and sand blasting equipment making them them the ideal forearm protector and glove all-in-one.  Arm Chaps also make the perfect protective sleeve for wood working, metal shops, glass cutters, sheet metal workers.
  • Total finger movement- to do all the tasks you do all day without having to take them off. You'll be surprised at all the things you can do without having to take Arm Chaps off, unlike regular gloves that would need to be removed. However, if you need to wear gloves, those gloves will easily fit over the Arm Chaps allowing you to still take advantage of all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide.
  • Not meant to replace welding gloves- Welding gloves are a great item, but how many of us take the time to put them on? And if worn, only to have to take them off to make fine adjustments! Or who of us don't bother wearing them at all because their so hot and bulky? Again, Arm Chaps are not meant to replace welding gloves, but for those of you that don't wear them because of their drawbacks; try wearing a pair Arm Chaps. Arm Chaps would at least be some protection, plus you won't get as hot, and you won't have to take the Arm Chaps off to make adjustments to what ever your working on because you'll still have total finger movement.
  • Wrist support- Arm Chaps will provide extra wrist support while doing general fabrication; or while operating heavy hand held tools in awkward situations; lifting or carrying heavy objects; holding heavy objects in place while others weld on them; plus dozens of other situations that you apply significant strain on your wrists. Are any of you starting to develop Carpal Tunnel problems in your wrist? Arm Chaps may help reduce those aches and pains.
  • Cushion for your hands- helping prevent skin irritations and chafing in the palm area. You'll find that you actually have improved grip of the tools you're working with too.
  • Extra "adjustable" warmth- Arm Chaps do this by warming the arteries in your arms. Arm Chaps are not lined, so they breathe well enough that you won't get too hot during the summer months. Arm Chaps can also be worn unzipped for additional cooling and breathe-ability. During the colder seasons, working in a cold shop in situations that don't allow a coat to be worn, is another perfect time to pull the Arm Chaps out!
  • Protect those Tattoos- How many of you have spent a couple hundred dollars on arm tattoos and don't want them to be ruined from cuts and burns that could permanently cause scaring?
  • Protect your clothing- depending on time of year, if you're wearing a long sleeve shirt/coat, you can easily tuck them inside the Arm Chaps so they won't get destroyed. This would also prevent the sleeve from getting caught or sucked into moving parts. The money you save on replacing shirts and coats alone will justify investing in Arm Chaps.
  • Comfort- with all the benefits already mentioned, you'll be very surprised that Arm Chaps are super comfortable too! The ideal fit is a comfortably snug fit at first. Then, after several hours, the leather will stretch where it feels tight. You can also pre-stretch the leather by hand for those that need a more relaxed fit upon initial wearing.

Business Owners:: I hope you consider this for your crews, especially in a time when you don't want to lose a good crew member to an injury, or worse yet, dealing with lawsuits arising from an injury that could have been prevented if Arm Chaps were worn. Consider Arm Chaps as a welcome addition to your crews Personal Protection Equipment.

The only thing left to say is that...with all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide, and the fact that they are very affordable, I hope you'll consider at least trying them out. Arm Chaps are the latest in arm protection and wrist support, and definitely well worth looking into.

To Order::   click on a picture below for the color you like;  Or click on "Choose Options" that's found under the color you like.   Arm Chaps are sold in pairs. 

If you want the version of Arm Chaps that cover the elbow, click on the "Extended Elbow Protection" link OR the "Welding Arm Chaps" link that are both listed under the Shop By Category, which is found in upper left area of this page.

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