High Cut-Level Arm Chaps

High Cut-Level Armchaps

These Arm Chaps have a Cut-Level of A5.     All Arm Chaps are sold in pairs.  

They look the same as the Arm Chaps seen under the Categories of  (Tree Service/Mechanic/Landscaping/Bruising), and they have the same comfort and features as the regular Arm Chaps, but now they protect you with a High Cut-Level of A5.     The A5 cut-level rating is for applications such as Heavy Metal Stamping, Heavy Glass Handling, Oil & Gas Industry, Automotive Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, and Meat/Poultry Processing to name a few.

Also, Arm Chaps offer true "puncture resistance" against very small pointed objects.      Many cut-level gloves on the market claim to have "puncture resistance" but you could easily stick a tooth pick through their material.....how is that considered "puncture resistant"?   In that example, that tooth pick would break before it penetrates the Arm Chaps.   Now, we don't really care about tooth picks, we care more about protecting your hands & arms from super strong needles from thorny bushes or trees, the slipping of sharp pointed metal tools like a scratch awl, screw drivers, or anything pointed and sharp.   Even many animal bites wont penetrate Arm Chaps.

Note on appearance:  Visually, how do you tell the difference between the regular Arm Chaps to those that have the High Cut-Level rating?     Easy, simply look at the Arm Chaps logo that is embroidered in the zipper area.  If you see a "knife" embroidered at the front of the Arm Chaps logo, then you know you have our A5 version.

Important::  Nearly all A5 rated garments have Steel strands woven into their material, which can have negative impacts for the person or environment being worked in.     Arm Chaps achieve this same A5 rating WITHOUT this Steel material.....making them more Beneficial, Safer, and can be used in environments that don't typically allow A5 garments due to that steel material.   Again, A5 protection without any steel woven into the material......That's Huge!!

To Order::   click on a picture below for the color you like;  Or click on "Choose Options" that's found under the color you like.

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High Cut-Level Arm Chaps