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Arm Chaps For Motorcycle Riders

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Arm Chap benefits for those riding motorcycles

Millions of people have a real love for riding motorcycles. Women, thankfully are also becoming a huge part of the motorcycle riding group. However, no matter how much we all love the sport, there is room for some improvements. For instance how many of us have:

1. experienced cold wind going up our sleeves.
2. sore wrists after riding all day grasping the handlebars.
3. experienced all the bugs and bees hitting arms and hands.
4. experienced the rocks kicked up from the vehicles ahead of us.
5. dealt the hassle of dragging coats along that may never get worn.
6. in cold weather riding, got very chilled and very cold wrists due to the gap between our gloves and coat sleeves. Everyone hates that!!!

Some of these complaints come from both rider and passenger. Please take a moment to look at the latest product for arm protection, wrist support, and that extra "adjustable" warmth we all can use occasionally. This product will significantly cut down on all these discomforts and make riding even more enjoyable than ever before.all while looking just as stylish as leg chaps!!

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Arm Chaps® hand/wrist/forearm protectors provide you with the following benefits youll come to appreciate:

  • Wrist support- while riding all afternoon, gripping the handle bars tightly and feeling the vibration of the handle bars usually leads to tired wrists. Additionally, if the wrists are exposed to cool/cold air during this ride, theyll likely start to ache. Arm Chaps provide a very comfortable increased level of wrist support that helps prevent your wrists from getting tired, thereby extending your riding time. Notice with the extra coverage of leather, which will keep those wrists warm which also helps in preventing an injury during a time of additional strain. Many people dont realize that when your wrists are exposed to the cold, it increases the chances of them getting injured. Now, in case of a crash, the extra support may just prevent serious injury to the wrist and prevent significant road rash. Also people with general wrist issues such as Carpal Tunnel will also find Arm Chaps to be beneficial in helping with those aches and pains.
  • Cushion for your hands- Arm Chaps help prevent skin irritations that can occur when grasping the handlebars for any extended period of time. Now, for many fingerless gloves on the market, youll notice that the leather tends to bunch up between the hand and handle-grip usually causing discomfort or blisters. Arm Chaps do not bunch up and will not cause any kind of palm discomfort or blisters--- this has been tested time and time again.
  • Extra "adjustable" warmth- for anytime you need it! How many of you know someone that easily gets chilled?? Or hear people on the ride complain about getting the chills?? It can ruin the ride for these people. Arm Chaps provide extra warmth by warming the arteries in your arms. By warming these arteries, youll get an overall feeling of warmth. Plus, Arm Chaps are not lined, so they breathe well enough that you wont get too hot or sweaty during the summer months. Arm Chaps can also be worn unzipped for additional cooling and breathe-ability when needed. 
arm-chaps-knuckles.jpg  arm-chaps-
  • No more wind (or bugs) up the sleeves- this is a common complaint heard over and over by people that hate the wind going up their sleeves, especially in cold weather riding. Im sure everyone is familiar with the gap that opens up between your gloves and the end of your coat sleeve, allowing cold air to go right up the sleeve. The pictures above show how Arm Chaps deal with air flow. The (left picture) shows Arm Chaps worn inside the coat sleeve closing off almost all air flow. However, if want zero air flow up your sleeves, Arm Chaps can be worn under your gloves, and then remain unzipped over your coat sleeves. This makes it impossible for any air flow to go up the sleeves and completely closes off any gap between your glove and coat sleeve (right picture). Arm Chaps give you options and are very versatile!!
arm-chaps-open-glove.jpg  arm-chaps-motorcycle-wrist-gap.jpg
  • Total finger movement- to do all the tasks you do on your bike trip without having to take the Arm Chaps off. Youll be surprised at all the things you can do without having to take them off, unlike regular gloves that would need to be removed..for example:

    1. reaching into your pockets.
    2. accessing your wallet for cash or credit cards.
    3. messing with pocket change.
    4, cleaning your glasses.
    5. smoking a cigarette.
    6. dealing with the chin strap on helmets.
    7. making fine adjustments to something.
    8. plus hundreds of other situations.

    All of these situations require you to remove your gloves.but you would NOT have to remove your Arm Chaps!! As mentioned before, if you still need to wear gloves, those gloves will easily fit over the Arm Chaps allowing you to still enjoy all the benefits Arm Chaps provide.
  • Help prevent injuries- everyone who is familiar with leg chaps understands that they look great but also have the purpose of keeping you warm; keeping the wind from hitting you directly; protecting you from kicked up road debris; protecting you in case of a crash or road rash. Think about it, Arm Chaps are absolutely no different except that its now applied to your arms, hands, and wrists!! Plus when in trouble, your first line of defense is to instinctively use your forearms to protect yourself from a flying object or a fall. Arm Chaps will definitely help cushion those impacts. Many have already commented how both leg chaps and Arm Chaps make them feel less vulnerable out on the road because they feel more protected. which they are!
  • Help with handlebar vibration- many of you have a numbness in your hands, wrists, or forearms after riding for any length of time due to the handlebar vibration.  Arm Chaps are good anti-vibration accessories to help with this annoying problem.
  • Protect your skin- on your hands/wrists/forearms from cuts, scratches, bruises, and from being hit by bugs or birds, flying rocks, hanging fringe from the handle grips, burns from the engine or exhaust pipes, and even from the sun for those that are more sensitive to it.
  • Occasions to ditch the coat- Arm Chaps open up the possibility of new options such as: when a coat is just too warm, but you still need a little something- this is very common in the southern states; being able to leave the coat at home instead of dragging it around all day, having to keep an eye on it, carrying it from place to place, worrying if it will get stolen.. instead, wouldnt it be nice to know that when you need extra warmth youll just put on your Arm Chaps; then when youre too warm, simply take them off and put them in your back pocket and not having to carry them around. Also, how about instead of wearing the coat, now you can wear your vest more often and keep the Arm Chaps handy if it gets a little chilly. A vest with Arm Chaps is a very sharp look!!
  • Comfort- with all the benefits already mentioned, youll be very surprised that Arm Chaps are super comfortable too! The ideal fit is a comfortably snug fit at first. Then, after several hours, the leather will stretch where it feels tight. You can also pre-stretch the leather by hand for those that need a more relaxed fit upon initial wearing. After awhile, you will forget that youre even wearing them! Plus, for those wearing bulky rings, youre familiar with how the rings are very uncomfortable when worn inside gloves because the rings tend to twist on the finger. This is not a problem with Arm Chaps at all.
  • Comparisons- to Cuffs or arm bands, Arm Chaps protective sleeves provide added benefits such as: Form-fitting to the hand and forearm providing a very comfortable fit. Arm Chaps support the wrist better because the leather ties the hand, wrist and forearm together causing restricted wrist movement. Also by covering the hand, wrist, and forearm, youre now covering your arms arteries which will help you stay warmer. Now, by keeping your wrist supported, warm, and shield from the elements, will make a huge difference in keeping wrist aches away. Arm Chaps also have a larger surface area allowing you to add art work or Stud designs if desired.  Arm Chaps are also similar to a fingerless gauntlet is such a thing existed.
  • Finally, adding sex appeal & style- no matter where youre at, everyone notices someone thats wearing leg chaps. Its undoubtedly a very sexy look for both guys and gals. Arm Chaps clearly add to that look!! It really doesnt matter if youre wearing leather leg chaps, or just jeans with a tank-top, Arm Chaps will improve that look!!!

Its easy to see all the advantages of Arm Chaps over your common leather cuffs or arm bands or wrist bands or even gauntlets. So, the only thing left to say is that.. with all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide, and the fact that they are very affordable and stylish, I hope youll consider at least trying them out.

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