Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart (Shown Below): 

Chart measurements are in inches. Sizes displayed in the chart are measured for a comfortable, yet snug fit - NOT a tight fit.  

Please measure the Circumference or “Distance Around” where the 2 RED lines are shown in the picture below.

  1. Measure 4 Main Knuckles circumference
  2. Measure Upper Forearm circumference

IMPORTANT: If your 2 measurements are falling into 2 different size categories, then follow these 2 suggestions::

  1. If your Knuckles measure a MEDIUM, but your forearm measures a LARGE. It's best to order the MEDIUM because the leather around the forearm will stretch after a few uses. 
  2. If your Knuckles measure a MEDIUM, but your forearm measures a SMALL. This is the hardest situation!!  It might be best to order the Small if your knuckle measurement is on the lower half of the Medium knuckle range.   In this case, the leather in the hand/wrist area can be stretched to fit the hand.  In most cases, the leather can be stretched from one size to the next size larger.  We are happy to do that stretching for you, but we also send stretching instructions with every order......its easy to do and takes about 15 seconds to do it.  Feel free to call us, and just mention you have a sizing question.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT use a metal retractable tape measure when measuring yourself. Instead, use a flexible tape measure (often found in a sewing kit). Also, take measurements with your arm and hand in the air (NOT resting on a table), and have your fingers pointing straight ahead (keeping them together) as shown in the photo below.

Watch Our Proper Sizing Demonstration