Wrist Issues or Arthritis

Wrist Support & Health Protective Arm Sleeves

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If you're a person that suffers from wrist problems such as:

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Arm Chaps are ideal as a carpal tunnel wrist support device that's both adjustable and comfortable.
  2. Strained wrists from a past activity.  Arm Chaps provide wrist support without putting pressure on the wrist itself.
  3. Weak wrist from past injuries.
  4. Wrist problems due to age.
  5. Want to prevent a possible injury to your wrists during an upcoming strenuous activity.
  6. Or you're the type of person that has tremors or shaking of the hands & arm.....Arm Chaps will even reduce those shakes to allow you to do many tasks you often needed help with.

Here's more information on how Arm Chaps provide wrist support differently than typical wrist support device--- Most of you are familiar with the typical wrist support devices that look like a sleeve with tightening straps. These devices apply pressure directly against your wrist area much like a splint or a cast. These devices prevent almost all wrist movement, muscle movement, and tend to get uncomfortable and itchy after a short period of time because the skin doesn't get a chance to breathe. These are significant drawbacks if worn for any length of time. Another major drawback from this restricted muscle/wrist movement over time, is that it causes the wrist area to weaken and will likely cause the wearer to need some kind of physical therapy to re-strengthen those muscles. This type of wrist support may be needed in severe situations and Arm Chaps should not be used for these types of situations. Rather, Arm Chaps were designed more for the situations shown on this website where there isn't the need for extreme restricted wrist movement. Arm Chaps provide a comfortable degree of moderate wrist support that's helpful in preventing the aches and pains that come from day to day situations where the wrist feels strained or is just aching due to a history of wrist problems.

How is the wrist support provided by Arm Chaps??? The wrist support provided by Arm chaps is accomplished by the use of thicker leather that is fitted to be comfortably snug around the knuckle area of the hand and the upper forearm area. The combination of this snugness and leather thickness (and strength of leather fibers) helps provide the wrist support and its accomplished without putting much pressure on the wrist itself. The wrist remains flexible but requires more effort to bend it. The further you attempt to bend the wrist, the more difficult it becomes because it's stretching the leather that's tying the arm and forearm together. The benefits of this type of wrist support include::: no direct pressure against the wrist area; muscle movement is still allowed since the wrist support isn't so rigid; the skin can still breathe and doesn't get itchy; and because Arm Chaps leather covers a much wider area, they help keep you warmer due to warming the arteries in the arm. Keeping the wrist area warm will help in preventing injuries to healthy wrists AND speed up recovery of injured wrists. Its important to note, that by exposing your wrists to cold, you're increasing your chances of hurting them during strenuous activities or during a fall.


Please take a moment to look at the latest product for arm protection, wrist support, and extra warmth. This product will help you with your needed wrist support, provide the warmth that you need, and still allow you total finger movement. Youll quickly find out that this new product Arm Chaps will help with all these problems while still being very comfortable to wear.

Below are pictures of a relaxed wrist without Arm Chaps, and the same relaxed wrist with Arm Chaps. Notice the wrist is not allowed to bend as far due to the leather tying the hand and forearm together. No pressure is applied to the wrist other than the comfortable fit of the leather. There is more detailed information on the About Arm Chaps page along with comparisons to other wrist support devices found on the market today.

relaxed-wrist-without-arm-chaps-protection-620x305.jpg    relaxed-wrist-with-arm-chaps-protection-620x305.jpg  
NOTE:: Arm Chaps come in a variety of colors including Black, Tan, Light Brown, and Safety Orange. Please call us if a different color is needed.

Arm Chaps® hand/wrist/forearm protectors provide you with the following benefits youll come to appreciate:::

  • Wrist support- provided by Arm Chaps causes less strain on the wrists preventing your wrists from getting tired as quickly. This support will also help keep away the aches and pains commonly associated with wrist problems. Many of the wrist support devices on the market today are very uncomfortable, in fact you see people putting them on, and then taking them off a short time later. Arm Chaps are so comfortable; you can wear them all day and forget you have them on. People with Carpal Tunnel should try this latest wrist support device.
  • Cushion for your hands- is an added bonus from Arm Chaps, which helps prevent chafing of the palm area if needed. Youll find that you actually get a better grip of things too.
  • Extra "adjustable" warmth- Arm Chaps do this by warming the arteries in your arms. By warming these arteries, youll get an overall feeling of warmth. Arm Chaps are not lined, so they breathe well enough that you wont get too hot during the summer months. Arm Chaps can also be worn unzipped for additional cooling and breathe-ability. Its important to mention that by keeping your wrists warm, helps prevent injuries to your wrist. Cold wrists have an increased chance of getting injured and this coldness is a major factor in causing the wrist to ache.
  • Total finger movement- to do all the tasks you do all day without having to take the Arm Chaps off. Youll be surprised at all the things you can do without having to take them off. Some wrist support devices on the market make it difficult to do the little things you normally do. Arm Chaps allow you to do those things without any difficulty. Below are examples of things you can still do while wearing Arm Chaps.
arm-chaps-needlework-320.jpg  arm-chaps-reading-320.jpg  arm-chaps-writing-320.jpg
  • Help prevent injuries- there are hundreds of activities out there where a person could injury their wrist. This could be due to an accident, playing sports, strenuous activities on the job, or just from the additional strain placed on the wrist while having fun. For example, snowboarding is becoming one of the highest wrist injury sports for people of all ages because of falling and landing on their wrists. Arm Chaps can make a huge difference in preventing a wrist injury that will likely be felt the rest of your life. Arm Chaps should be considered a welcome addition to anyones Personal Protection Equipment.  Also, people on Dialysis can use them as Arm Bands and are excellent to protect your Fistula.
  • Comfort- with all the benefits already mentioned, youll be very surprised that Arm Chaps are super comfortable too! The ideal fit is a comfortably snug fit at first. Then, after several hours, the leather will stretch where it feels tight. You can also pre-stretch the leather by hand for those that need a more relaxed fit upon initial wearing.
  • Overall looks- its a personal opinion, but dont you find Arm Chaps to be considerably more attractive looking than some of the other wrist support devices out there? In fact, if worn with the correct clothing, Arm Chaps actually look pretty cool!

The only thing left to say is that.. with all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide, and the fact that they are very affordable, I hope youll consider at least trying them out. Arm Chaps are the latest in wrist support and protection, and definitely well worth looking into.

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If you want the version of Arm Chaps that cover the elbow, click on the "Extended Elbow Protection" link OR the "Welding Arm Chaps" link that are both listed under the Shop By Category, which is found in upper left area of this page.

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Wrist Issues or Arthritis