Extended Elbow Protection

Protect Elbow with Arm Sleeves for Protection

Same great protection that the regular Arm Chaps offer, but now they'll also extended further up the arm to protect the elbow.

Notice that the zipper area does NOT extended up, so that the leather does NOT get into the inside crease of the elbow where you bend your arm.  You can still bend your arm with total comfort.

The rest of the Arm Chap leather comfortably wraps around the sides of the forearm and extends to cover the elbow.   Ideal for those that need their elbow covered, whether its for working outdoors, or wanting to prevent bumping your arm into hard surfaces, crawling on your arms in hunting or caving situations, or even simple resting your arm on a arm-rest of a chair..... you'll appreciate the comfort, cushion, and overall protection.

NOTE:  You can move your cursor over the pictures below to toggle between Front view and Back view.

To Order::   click on a picture below for the color you like;  Or click on "Choose Options" that's found under the color you like.   Arm Chaps are sold in pairs. 

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Extended Elbow Protection