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How Arm Protectors Help with Arthritis

Living with arthritis can turn even the most mundane activities into chores.

However, when it comes to more demanding opportunities – like operating a motorcycle or heavy equipment – arthritis can make it nearly impossible.

That’s why arm protectors have become so popular. People who live with arthritis have found that wearing protective arm sleeves does more than just defend against common injuries. They can also help the wearer deal with the limitations of arthritis.

3 Ways Arm Protectors Help with Arthritis

If you have arthritis, here are three reasons wearing arm protectors will make it much easier to go about your day without unnecessary discomfort.

1. Added Support

The main reason arm protectors are great for people with arthritis is because these sleeves provide extra support around the afflicted area. They’re designed to ensure that the wrists don’t have to deal with as much strain.

For people without arthritis, this goes a long way toward keeping the wrist from getting tired out early.

However, the added support is especially helpful for people whose wrists lack normal functioning because of arthritis.

Unfortunately, most alternatives on the market are incredibly uncomfortable. Many people actually end up taking them off, even though the consequence is dealing with the pain of arthritis.

On the other hand – no pun intended – arm protectors are designed with comfort in mind. As long as they’re made with high-quality cow leather, they feel great. Plus, they’re designed to conform to the wearer’s unique arm.

2. Warmth

There are plenty of situations where the added warmth that comes from protective arm sleeves would be welcomed relief. If you work outside in the cold or have ever ridden your motorcycle on a chilly day, you know how nice it would be to have an extra layer of protection stretching from your palms to your elbows.

That said, this added warmth can help with arthritis, too. It warms up the area, which makes it easier for the wrist to move around. Warmth also helps in the winter when pain caused by arthritis can quickly become much worse.

This is yet another reason protective arm sleeves are a popular investment among people who don’t even have arthritis. Keeping this area warm can help prevent eventually becoming arthritic in that area.

3. Full Range of Motion for Your Fingers

If you want, it’s easy to wear gloves with these protective sleeves. By themselves, though, they don’t actually cover your fingers. The sleeve simply goes over the top of your thumbs.

This means that they won’t remotely impede the movements of your fingers.

While that certainly makes them very convenient to wear – you don’t have to take them off every time you need your individual fingers for certain tasks – it also means you won’t have to maneuver your wrists into un-ergonomic or awkward positions when you want to use certain fingers.

Try Wearing Arm Protectors to Help with Your Arthritis

Given how affordable they are, you have very little to lose by trying out protective arm sleeves for yourself. Like most people, you’ll probably find that your small investment pays you back several times offer. All of a sudden, it will be much easier to not just move your wrist around but do so in the service of your favorite activities and hobbies.

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