Welding Arm Chaps

Welding Arm Chaps for Protective Arm Sleeves

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This version of Arm Chaps has all the great benefits of the regular Arm Chaps except they extend further up the arm to protect the elbow, AND there's NO Zipper.    The best description would be a "Open Finger Welding Glove". 

The zipper was removed due to the likelihood of it getting damaged due to molten metal hitting it.   

Notice that the leather (on the inside crease area of the elbow) does NOT extended up as far as the elbow side.   The leather does NOT get into the area where you bend your arm.  You can still bend your arm with total comfort.

The "Open Finger" style of welding glove was requested by many fabricators due to needing their fingers open to make adjustments quickly to their projects.    "Putting On" and "Taking Off" regular welding gloves was a hassle and prevented them from working effectively....often these fabricators would skip wearing regular welding gloves completely.    At least now, they can still protect the Hand, Wrist, Forearm, and Elbow while still having full use of their fingers.    They also mentioned that most of the (Welding or Cutting Torch) burns they'd get were localized to the forearm area, and rarely in the finger area.  They also complained about regular welding gloves were not long enough.    Arm Chaps are the perfect fix for all those complaints.

Other benefits include::   

-         You keep Full-Use of your fingers.

-         Super fast to “Put On” or “Take Off”….unlike a welding cape or welding apron.

-         They stay out of the way and do NOT hamper/restrict your movements.

-         They are much longer in length (more protection) compared to regular welding gloves that often only go only half-way up the forearm.

-         Material stops just below the inside crease area of the elbow so it doesn’t get in the way when you bend your arms.

-         Long sleeves can easily fit inside the Arm Chaps.

-         Less bulky than regular welding gloves, providing more comfort & ease of movement.

-         Leather extends just past the elbow for even more extended protection.   Ideal when you’re welding above your head, where your elbows and backside of the forearms are in direct line with the welding sparks/spatter/hot slag.    

-         Extra cushion when crawling on your arms inside a tank, drum, large pipe.

-         Great skin protection from the UV arc rays and bright flashes.

-         Great skin protection while leaning against hot surfaces.

-         Great skin protection from sharp edges, pointed objects, and flying debris.

-         Great skin protection from crawling or biting snakes, insects, and other critters.

-         Great skin protection while running various grinders on the job site.

-         Plus, the Arm Chaps can be used for many other activities…..not just welding!!

Note::   You can still easily wear regular welding gloves over the Arm Chaps when you need finger protection (see photo below), yet if you need to take the welding gloves off to do something, you don't have to remove the Arm Chaps since they won't be in your way.

 Combination of Welding Arm Chaps with welding gloves

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Welding Arm Chaps