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Bruising & Thin Skin Protection

If you're a person that wants to cover these bruises up, OR BETTER YET, prevent the bruising from occurring in the first place,  OR you're the person who has very thin skin that can tear and bleed easily.....Arm Chaps is a product you will greatly appreciate!!. The "Testimonials" page on this website has people (just like you) who wrote-in to tell us their medical condition and how Arm Chaps helped them.  It's well worth reading.

Arm Chaps are the "perfect" protective sleeve for Thin Skin, and the "perfect" protective sleeve for bruising.    Nothing on the market is remotely close to providing the Benefits that this product provides!!

Based on your health condition, some of you are also finding out that you get the chills easier now too, which Arm Chaps can also help with. Please take a moment to continue reading about this product to understand all the benefits it can provide.

Arm Chaps® hand/wrist/forearm protectors provide you with the following benefits you'll come to appreciate:::

img-2332-with-text.jpg  img-2327-with-text.jpg

img-2330-with-text-in-yellow-ii.jpg p8160035-with-text.jpg  

NOTE:: Arm Chaps come in a variety of colors including Black, Tan, Light Brown, and Safety Orange. Please call us if a different color is needed.

  • Help prevent bruising- The above photos show examples of typical bruising that can occur while taking Blood Thinning medications or someone who is having trouble with bruising or thin skin. Often this bruising occurs by simply bumping into things and is a problem for people of all ages. You really don't have to live with this!!    People suffering from Actinic Purpura, Solar Purpura, or Batemans Purpura are going to what to know about this product.   Arm Chaps are excellent in helping prevent this bruising by providing that extra tough, "comfortable" layer of protection around your arms, wrists, and hands.  Getting a bruise one time is bad enough, but many people are re-bruising the same area over and over again, which could lead to even more serious problems.  Will it ever get a chance to fully heal??   The "Good News" is that people wearing Arm Chaps say..... "the only time they bruise now is when they forgot to put on their Arm Chaps". They really are so thankful for this product.   Arm Chaps are ideal protective sleeves to help prevent bruising caused by old age or taking medications like aspirin, coumadin, warfarin, plavix, eliquis, and other blood thinning medications.   Keep in mind the protecting arms that bruise easily or have very thin skin may prevent blood clots due to the re-injuring of the same area multiple times.  Arm Chaps make the perfect medical forearm sleeve protector that's both comfortable and adjustable.
  • Protect Thin Skin-  Arm Chaps will help protect and prevent the tearing & bleeding of very thin skin. Some people have skin similar to tissue paper, and it can easily tear and bleed, often opening up the possibilities of infection or blood clots. Arm Chaps are the perfect solution to having that extra tough, "comfortable", outer layer of protection. Hopefully Arm Chaps will prevent a trip to the emergency room to get bandaged up and avoid all those related expenses. Arm Chaps make excellent protective sleeves for people suffering from lymphedema, lymphoma, leudemia, or are anaemic...making them ideal for protecting thin skin and as a compression sleeve that's comfortable and adjustable.  Also, people on Dialysis can use them as Arm Bands and are excellent to protect your Fistula.
  • Help prevent injuries-  If simply bumping into things can cause bruising, then getting a more severe injury could be even more hazardous. For example, an unexpected fall or being hit by something... typically, the first line of defense you'll instinctively use will be to hold out your forearm and hand to break the fall or absorb the impact of an object. Arm Chaps can help absorb that impact and reduce the potential severity of the injury. Arm Chaps are literally a 2nd tough layer of protection you'll come to appreciate. 
  • Total finger movement- To do all the tasks you do all day without having to take Arm Chaps off. You'll be surprised at all the things you can do without having to take them off, unlike regular gloves that would need to be removed. However, if you need to wear gloves, those gloves will easily fit over the Arm Chaps allowing you to still enjoy all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide. Below are just a few examples of situations you need your fingers, and can still easily do while wearing Arm Chaps.
arm-chaps-needlework-320.jpg   arm-chaps-reading-320.jpg   arm-chaps-writing-320.jpg
  • Cushion for your hands- this added layer of protection will help prevent skin irritations and chafing that you may now be more prone to in your daily routines.
  • Extra "adjustable" warmth- Arm Chaps do this by warming the arteries in your arms. By warming these arteries, you'll get an overall feeling of warmth. Arm Chaps are not lined, so they breathe well enough that you won't get too hot during the summer months. Arm Chaps can also be worn unzipped for additional cooling and breathe-ability while still providing that layer of cushioning.
  • Wrist support- this is an unexpected bonus! There are dozens of daily situations that we all could use additional wrist support but don't realize it until we've already strained our wrists lifting something. The reasons for your bruising may or may not affect your wrists but at least that support is available if needed. Are any of you starting to develop Carpal Tunnel problems in your wrist? Arm Chaps will also help reduce those aches and pains.
  • Protect those Tattoos- some of you have spent hundreds of dollars on arm/wrist tattoos and don't want them discolored from all the bruising. Arm Chaps will be helpful in preventing this from happening.
  • A new option- NO more Long Sleeves- Many people have commented that they felt like they were in a personal prison because every day they had to wear long sleeve shirts due to bruising or skin irritations from the sun. Giving these people the ability to just wear a cool no sleeve/short sleeve shirt with a set of Arm Chaps has been a wonderful gift of freedom. Only if you're in this situation would you understand how important this new option is.
  • Comfort- with all the benefits already mentioned, you'll be very surprised that Arm Chaps are super comfortable too! The ideal fit is a comfortably snug fit at first. Then, after several hours, the leather will stretch where it feels tight. You can also pre-stretch the leather by hand for those that need a more relaxed fit upon initial wearing.

The only thing left to say is that...with all the benefits that Arm Chaps provide, and the fact that they are very affordable, I hope you'll consider at least trying them out. Arm Chaps are the latest in arm protection and well worth looking into.